Thursday, May 16, 2019

The Dark Tower Returns!

Wow! You’ve done it! The Kickstarter Campaign for Return to Ravingspire has come to a close and its been a great success! Thank you for all your support of Vorpal Chainsword Games and Ravingspire. We truly appreciate it! 

So what’s next? We’ll immediately start getting all the wooden book boxes crafted so they’ll be ready when the rest of the printed materials arrive. Soon you’ll be getting a backer survey to give us your preferred mailing address so we can get these shipped out to you when they are ready. Of course if anything weird comes up (i.e. moving, etc) don’t hesitate to contact me here on Kickstarter.

And one more thing. We discussed it, crunched the numbers, and we’ve all agreed to go ahead and put up the rest of the mould cost ourselves to get engraved dice into the game! We want this game to be one of the coolest on your shelf, and if ponying up a little more out of our own pockets will get it done, then that’s what we’re gonna do. Each character’s name and the symbol on every face will be engraved and painted. This game will really now stand apart, and we have all of you to thank! Thank you!

If you want to discuss more Ravingspire outside of Kickstarter, then know that we have a Ravingspire Facebook page as well as a Ravingspire section on the Vorpal Chainsword Games website, you can find me at my blog on and, and of course on Finally, you can always reach us here on Kickstarter.
We’re greatly looking forward to you exploring the Tower of Madness (and its various dimensions) yourselves!

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