Friday, June 11, 2010

De Vermis Mysteriis --> Using Mysterious Tomes!

Early in our Warhammer Fantasy RP campaign, the lone human in the party (Gunter Von Graf) ended up with a heretical tome I did not expect him to find or keep after the first couple adventures.  Now, when the PCs decide to actually keep the tome you were using as a plot-moving Macguffin, and not turn it into the authorities, you could say: "The tome talks about blasphemous stuff and is bad to read.  Burn it or give it to the witch hunters," or you can tempt them with knowledge and power...

So I realized this was a perfect opportunity to Lovecraft it up!

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Gathering Storm part I: A Bridge Too Far

Our gaming crew has been playing the new Warhammer Fantasy Role Play (WFRP 3e), and have been having a blast.  Last night we started up a new adventure campaign titled "The Gathering Storm!"

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Darkness begets drama

These events occurred a couple months ago already, in an ongoing 4e game I'm DM'ing, set in an indeterminate campaign world.  Time flies by so quickly!

Here's my party: an Unaligned Shaman, an Unaligned Rogue, an Unaligned Invoker of Erathis, and a Good Paladin of Avandra. Of my players, 2 I've known/played with for a decade, and the other two are fairly new to me (but are both proving to be excellent additions to the group). The two new players are running the religious characters.