Monday, January 2, 2012

Thorgrim Steinhammer

In the ancient times there was a warrior dwarf that has such cussitude and awesomeness that he achieved Sainthood. Cory could likely tell you what he did, but he probably crushed goblin kingdoms and smashed giant's knees. (You always gotta go for the knees)

At any rate, there are a few small wooden totems out there that grant a small portion of the Steinhammer fighting spirit to it's carrier.

It's a 5 inch statue carved in the likeness of ole Steinhammer, holding his trusty hammer, of course. Cory described it to me years ago, when we played 3rd edition D&D on FantasyGrounds/Scype. It was a magic item that Cory invented (just for me, I think), which could only be activated by sharing a beer with the statue. You'd have to get two beers, of the best quality you could find, and drink one, and hold one up to the statue's mouth, which he would drink. In the next battle you fought, you would be granted Bull Strength, just like the spell. I think it was +1D4 Strength or something.

I think my Dwarven Character would carry around many extra waterskins full of beer, just in case. Every time we stopped and the other characters cleaned their weapons or tended to their wounds, for my Dwarf, it would be beer time.

It was one of the more memorable and fun magic items I've had during my time gaming. It wasn't even that powerful of an item, but that isn't really what gaming is about, is it. Whenever we'd go to a bar, and get beers, I would get the best one because I was worried that Steinhammer might not work if the beer sucked. Cory never even said anything about that, but I figured that's how it worked.

So this year for Christmas, Cullen gave me my own Thorgrim Steinhammer beer tap handle for my homebrew. He made this bad boy by hand, and put a threaded tap handle mount in the bottom.

It's about 5.8 times better than I imagined it would be. He's wearing scalemail, has a 70's mustache like my old football coach, and his short handled, Dwarven hammer looks heavier than a dumpster full of concrete.

Check out the pipes on this mamma-jamma. Two tickets to the gun show.

And here's one next to my minion for scale.