Thursday, December 16, 2010

Gathering Storm: A Time to Mourn

Necromancers? Diseased townsfolk?  Myserious Mages?  Drunk Dwarves?

It must be Warhammer night!

In our last few sessions (not posted) the PCs attended the trial of the Holtz family and Kiela Cobblepot, nefarious kidnappers and murderers of Stromdorf. After being attacked that night by the newly-risen undead corpses of the convicted (and hung) defendants, Burgomeister Alder finally requested an audience with the party.

Seems there must be a Necromancer about, what with zombies marching right into town and all.  So the burgomeister asked the party to go get Brother Grabbe, the nearby graveyard caretaker and local Priest of Morr.