Monday, September 4, 2017

Fawlty (Dark) Towers

So they finally made the Dark Tower movie based on Stephen King's epic saga of dimension-jumping gunslingers, lobster people, billy-bumblers, and psychic kids. It fled across the desert, and the Vorpal Podcast followed.

While I'm a fan of Wizard and Glass and the DT graphic novels and the entire premise of the gunslinger, I read the first book back in about 1853 so I don't trust that I remember quite enough about the Gunslinger's early Saga to compare the new movie to all the actual novels. So we called in a Dark Tower Superfan and unofficial Stephen King expert Craig of Eld to help us out. He laid on us the Easter Eggs he found in this movie that should have fans who originally hated it for not being an absolute recreation of the books to reconsider what they were watching, because [SPOILER ALERT] it turns out it is actually a continuation of the Gunslinger storyline, and takes place after the last book! What what whaaaaat? Listen in and find out why!

So brighten up your Shine and load up your forty-five (Ex)caliber revolvers, its time to talk Gunslinger!