Saturday, October 31, 2015

Trick or Treat - Vorpal Maidens Quizblast!

Earlier this year the Vorpal Chainsword got the opportunity to interview the Dungeon Bastard about all things nerdy, and had an especially killer time with him in the Quizblast. Of course, as it was just a podcast, only the audio was released at the time. Well, the West Coast division of the Vorpal Chainsword has taken it upon themselves to pull the video of that interview from the VC archives and post the Quizblast portion up on Youtube.

I hope you enjoy this behind-the-scenes look at the Vorpal Chainsword Podcast!

Happy Halloween!

PS: Just in case you don't remember the Quizblast portion of that interview, here's a Youtube link to it, or you can check out the full Dungeon Bastard interview page!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Back to the Future RPG - Teaser pics for GameholeCon2015

After three straight weeks of painting, here's the album of most of the miniatures and time-period sets for my upcoming 5e convention game Back to the Future RPG: Outatime that I'll be running at GameholeCon2015 in a few weeks.

This isn't quite all time periods/minis to prevent plot spoilers for the players, but it is a few of the possible time-periods they could end up. My goal is to not railroad this convention game entirely, so I made extra time-periods to have ready in case the players get a little off-track. Also I have some NPCs they can meet (Deckard, Time Cop, etc.) that could become PCs if a character dies.

You can check them out below, or  check 'em out in imgur if you prefer.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

VCP: Schaffer the Darklord

In this spooky October episode of the Vorpal Chainsword Podcast we barely survive an encounter with the hiphop Supervillain:

Schaffer T. Darklord is the shadowy antihero of Nerdcore who's eventual conquest of New York City is all but assured. Regardless of whether he's dropping dark rhymes about massive font battles to the death, revealing his unsettling fascination with exsanguination, or just engaging in everyday Supervillainy, STD leaves no survivors in his wake. Between raps, Schaffer hosts and performs at touring Burlesque shows, particularly those themed to David Lynch films or other nerdy but titillating subject matter.  He also co-hosts and produces the Epic Piecast, a hilarious monthly podcast featuring snarky commentary about Comic Books and general Pop Culture esotera. Recently, The Darklord emerged from his lair in NYC to tour dive bars and sci-fi conventions around the Midwest, in what has become known in shuddered whispers as the Heartland Horrorshow. Rumors also abound of an upcoming EP from STD: Sex Rhymes!