Wednesday, December 6, 2017


So we've been working on a card battle game for a while now that would be both fast-paced and super portable. While I love Ravingspire because it can be played solo, we wanted something in the same genre but just a quick game one could play between flights, or when waiting for everyone to show up to D&D night. We took the concept of the showdown with Foes that Ravingspire has and make a quick-play fighting game between fierce warriors. And its available on Amazon right now!

In a far off world of Swords and Sorcery the cyclopean Tower of Ravingspire looms over a mystic battlefield. Mighty warriors of the realm, known as Reavers, sojourn to this desolate valley to battle for dominance in an annual combat known as the Reaverquest. These warriors must fight with all their skill and cunning, as the seeping magic of the Tower may alter the very battlefield they fight on at a moment’s notice!

Reaverquest is a fast-paced card battle game of brawling and swordplay set in the Sword and Sorcery world of Ravingspire. For 2-3 Players.
While we could've Kickstartered it to garner more eyes on it and try to generate pre-sales before launch, I still prefer to think of Kickstarter as a place a creator goes when they don't have the financing to produce the idea they want to make into reality, and needs other people to commit to the idea. Reaverquest is a compact enough game (size of a deck of cards) that we were able to work with our manufacturers and fund it ourselves! And we're really happy with it.

You can find the rules and tutorial videos on BoardgameGeek or!

Game on!