Sunday, July 31, 2011

GenCon 2011 is right around the corner!

So here's a couple of resources to help prep yourself for some gaming madness:

1 - First, MadBrew Labs has put together an interactive map of the dealer hall, so you can check the websites of the folks who want to sell you their stuff, to see what stuff they want to sell you.  (Just zoom out with the mouse wheel and hover over the booths to see what's going to be there).
And don't worry Travis, they're back as booth 1257.  Much closer to the central main-thoroughfare than I would have expected.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Bugman's Best and Saves vs. Death

So usually I do a 2-hour stint of OD&D Tower of Gygax DMing at GenCon, but this year I somehow forgot to check the yahoo group that schedules it and I missed my window, so no running Tower of Gygax at GenCon for me this year.  However, to allieviate my need to declare "SAVE OR DIE!" at least three times a year, I decided to delay continuing our regular Warhammer RP game and put my players through some of the old OD&D Tower of Gygax rooms I still had leftover from yesteryear.

For this one-shot game of OD&D, I included the option to buy an "explorer's kit" for a paltry 15gp from the local tavern owner/ex-adventurer Mung the Befuddler, and it contained a list of things like rope, candles, hammer and pitons, etc. in an apparent attempt to speed up the equipment selection portion character generation (as they would be making multiple characters throughout the session).  Mung also threw in one sealed pint of Bugman's Best Stout into every explorer's kit (yes that's a Warhammer reference and we were playing OD&D, but whatever).