Friday, October 13, 2017

Blade Runner 2019-2049

Cyberpunk is the greatest type of Punk.

Steampunk? Victorian mustaches, pocket watches, gears on tophats... Sure, ok, its fine I guess. A little dainty for my taste.

1980's Punk Rock? Yeah, its a little better. Billy Idol, Rancid, Mohawks, spiked bracers, yeah man, sure, I'm into it, but its a little before my time to really appreciate.

But Cyberpunk? Cyberpunk is the shit. Especially chunky-style pre-iphone Cyberpunk. Fifth Element, Neuromancer, Cyberware, noodle bars, asian fusion, drones, flying cars, noir, trenchcoats...I dig it. Now this genre speaks to me a thousand times more than spikey hair-dos or airship monocles.

But most importantly, BLADE RUNNER!

The sequel to Blade Runner just came out, Blade Runner 2049. And let me tell you this: IT DOES NOT DISAPPOINT! This movie is a worthy sequel to the 1982 majesty of Blade Runner. Even with Harrison Ford returning to his original role (which we've come to fear because of Indiana Jones 4 and Star Wars 8), this movie is great. Ryan Gosling is no longer just a piece of eye candy for the ladies now. He's now a legit part of the Cyberpunk genre as one of the coolest Blade Runners to ever take up the badge. Do yourself a favor and go see this movie. Yeah, its three hours long, but the time is well-spent.

You get to see post-apocalyptic Las Vegas, flying cars, and even what anime addiction does to Replicants. Its frickin' rad to the max.

Then listen to me gush about it and try to break down the meanings behind all the little Easter Eggs on the Vorpal Podcast!

Cells within cells within cells. INTERLINKED!