Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Brando-nomiCON 2012

I know that this was a long time ago, but I still want to do a recap, mostly to record the fun.  The short version is that we drank some Bugman's Best Imperial Dwarven Stout, went on a geocaching adventure, shot guns at the range, arm wrestled, played croquet, had a hot-wing eating competition (5 pounds), went to the Red Dragon Inn, played The Fool (a kind of Russian euchre), ate bacon infused waffles, slayed heretics for Him, castle panicked, ate eggy-weggs, drank awesome margs (cinco duh mayo), and embarked on the most cut-throat 2nd edition dungeon crawl this side of Minthril Hall.

I used the Forgotten Realms Undermountain as the frame, but made up every room myself.  I also have a tagline.  "Undermountain!  It's fairly unfair."

The central concept is that all your wins over the weekend are for your Team.  Iron or Bronze. (I have a thing for Plato's Republic).  And when you do your dungeon crawl in Undermountain, all the gold you get is banked for your Team.  You may have characters from the other Team on your adventuring party, and if they die, someone from the opposite Team can come in.  And here's the thing.  You can't actively hurt any of the other characters.  "Actively" is decided by me, on a case by case basis.  If you're a Cleric, you may choose to only heal members of your Team, if you're guarding a corner, you may just dodge and hide, etc.  The end result is so much fun and so devilish that I consider it the height of super-death D&D.

Here's the final Score:
Bronze Team:

13pp, 818gp, 230sp, 1755cp =  (923.55gp)

Iron Team:
12pp, 914gp, 359sp, 1791cp = (1027.81gp)
Masterwork Shortsword (nonmagical +1), shield, longsword, longbow, 2 daggers (The gear doesn't count for the total, but is considered general Iron Team gear for next year)

Best Quotes: 
“I live my life drinking beer and eating chicken wings” – Alistair Goodblood
"Wait a minute. That’s not a D20!" (Have you ever seen a player roll a D12 for while and wonder why they can't hit anything.  Pure awesomeness.)
“Rat-thrasher Stroooong!”

Best Deaths: 
“Oh, you’re badly injured?  Here’s a healing potion.  Just kidding.  That was ETTERCAP POISON!"
Swan dive into a 120’ pit, onto a granite floor.
Got into a nest of Carrion Crawlers, for the paralyze and slow eat.

Take note that every single one of these was Cullen.

MVP:  Preston. 
Swooping wyvern?  No problem, here’s some Call Lightning.
Fifty angry lizardmen in wooden huts?  No problem, here’s Wall of Fire.
Handful of Ghouls?  No problem, here’s a Pillar of Fire.
Black Dragon near a treasure room?  No problem, here’s a Blade Barrier.

Seriously, who doesn't like casting Blade Barrier on a young black dragon?  It's like a food processor. That’s so much easier than getting a bunch of acid on ya.

Thank you to everyone who came out and geeked out.  I'll get a more robust croquet set for next year so you guys don't snap them in half in your fits of rage, and I'll brew at least 20 gallons of beer.  Iron Team = 1, Bronze Team = 0