Tuesday, January 31, 2017

World Building on DGS Podcast #37

In Dead Games Society Podcast #37, DGS Chad and I talk about what Out-of-Print RPGs and miniature wargames we're running at this upcoming GaryCon (Battletech and Starship Troopers! w00t!), and then move into discussing World Building (especially building your own world within an established setting) with the historical details that help you more confidentially improvise and react to player actions while running your RPGs!


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Delving through Undermountain on DGS #36!

Welcome one and all to the Yawning Portal! Grab your iron rations, silver mirrors, and tinderboxes because it’s time to descend into the dreaded Undermountain! 

We’re talking convention-gaming Undermountain, that is. On episode of the DGS Podcast I take the DGS mic on a solo adventure down into the cold dark to explore the depths to which one can go when creating conventions based around old-school Megadungeons. I interview Brando of the annual megadungeon-themed convention Brandonomicon, and we discuss hyper-deadly Undermountain, Ropers, Twitch-style technical setups for multi-room gaming, making mystic treasure props and cards for the players, side-betting on adventurer deaths, dungeon-themed geocaching, and for some reason, pizza roll eating contests! (Plus a special return edition of the Vorpal Chainsword Quizblast!)