Thursday, May 31, 2012

Friday, May 18, 2012

Bestiarum Vocabulum 2

The Carrion Crawler

Oh, yes. The dreaded carrion crawler.  According to my memory of the white second edition monster manual, it looks like a cross between a fat white cephalopod and a cutworm.  They're about 6 foot long and can run down most adventurers. They can climb up walls and ceilings. A nest of these is as deadly as a pack of ghouls.  I love using them for those total party kills.  First they paralyze you with their wiggly tentacle mouths, then they move in for the slow eat.  Super terrible.  And they're must tougher than you'd think.

It's a pretty good monster.

Apparently it was introduced way back in the 1975 Greyhawk D&D.   The only more dickish move would be to give them a 1-2 punch of Rust Monsters, then come in with some CCs.   There's no glory in killing these things.  Only danger.