Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bestiarum Vocabulum 1

Today's lesson will be the Daemonette. Apparently, Daemonettes appear as both beautiful and repulsive to those who look upon them. Their bewitching opal eyes and enchanting aura veil their androgynous features and grotesque claws, revealing an alluring appearance the beholder will always consider the epitome of beauty.
Yeah, because nothing says "beautiful, bewitching, and alluring" like crab claws. I can't remember the rules for 40K, but I think their big crab claws can punch through the sides of tanks, and snip well armoured men in half. Their other claim to fame is that because they're so "alluring", they cause their opponents to hesitate, because obviouly they're just so interesting that you momentarily stop defending yourself to mumble "What in the blazes is that sexy thing?" That leaves them with an opening to eviscerate your sorry butt.
In Dark Heresy our group inadvertently summoned one*, and had to dispatch her quickly, while fighting in an small underground bunker/map room. They kept referring to it as a Kitchen-ette, while they shot it a few times with hellpistols and .44 magnum revolvers. No big deal. In game terms, their "alluring" trick causes you to pass a willpower check each turn, or spend half of that turn gawking. Oh, you need a full round to do an action? Reloading? Invocation? That's too bad. One surefire way to defend against this is to be a Techpriest with the Chem-Geld trait. Apparently in the year 40K, there is only war. And terrible choices. *They didn't actually summon one. Only heritics do that.