Thursday, August 5, 2010

GenCon re-discovery!


So in anticipation of heading out to GenCon2010 for five straight days of gaming exuberance, I was pulling out last year's badge holder and stuff and came across a couple of character sheets from last year's GenCon epic adventures.

The particularly interesting thing about these two character sheets is that both of these games were DM'd by our very own Brando, who's posting his current Dark Heresy campaign on the Vorpal Chainsword!

The first one is of the Dark Heresy one-shot he ran for us.  I present to you...Sgt. Slate Rockwell!  Imperial Guardsman and reluctant investigator for the Inquisitor-ium (?).

Man, and I thought WFRP characters were complicated!  I had forgotten the percentile gymnastics of Dark Heresy.  Just look at that character sheet!  I remember doodling that picture of ol' Slate getting his orders on his "data-slate" while Brando read us the opening description.  Unfortunately, Slate's ultimate fate was to be ripped apart by cultists while trying to blow up a Daemonhost with a belt of grenades.  But hey, he took the head cult priest and a boatload of cultists with him!  That's about the best you can hope for in the old Grim Darkness of the Far Future (where, by the way, there is only war).

The other character sheet I have from Brando's games is when we played Return to the Tower of Gygax, the tribute to old-school D&D in the memory of the sainted G. Gygax.

When we started in the hyper-deadly gygaxian dungeon, Brando handed each player a slip of paper at random he had made up beforehand that gave us our 'secret' motivations (at least until we died the first time).  Here's what he handed me:

Awesome.  Now THAT's how you make friends at GenCon as a player!  That said, it was super-fun and when the other players realized I had been "accidentally killing them" on purpose they had no problem shoving me into a trap door full of acid and closing it on top of me.  It was a blast, though I didn't make it to the Ettercap and Spider-filled room.  But check my treasure bag, I killed two of the PCs "by accident" before they caught on (as I tried to kill the third)!  Those were some really patient and good-hearted players.

I present to you...Rex Thunderguns!  Renowned Ranger of the Midwest! (of the Eastern Des Moines Thundergunses).

And because Rex Thunderguns was evil I of course had to give him the tell-tale evil twin mustache and beard.  Its only proper.

So here's to gamin' with buds at GenCON!  w00t!
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