Wednesday, March 28, 2012

ScanCon 2012!

Scanpocalypse Now!

Once again, buds from 'round the world (including Australia) came to Madison, WI to engage in epic gaming for four days straight.  There was board gaming, wargaming, video gaming, rpgs, tron disc-throwing, delicious food-eating and possibly some spontaneous firebreathing.  What follows are some pictures that were captured of the mercurial event.

I always gotta be an annoying rules lawyer when everyone else is just trying to have fun playing Mansions of Madness.

 Fantasy Flight board games use TOO. MANY. CHITS!

Players win, Keeper (me) loses.

Mary cooked, cleaned, and generally organized of all of us doofuses and activities the entire weekend! 

Red Dragon Inn! 

Much food was eaten. 

Like I said, Mary is Super. 

RW in his classic 'Con sleeping position. 

Crystal skulls mysteriously arrived, one wrapped in linen in a weathered leather briefcase.
They were delicious.

Paul Suits Up for LAZER TAG!

Old-school video games were played.  Here I believe RW is yelling at some russians while playing Rush'N'Attack.

 Travis won the ScanCon Tournament of Champions this year.  Here's how it worked: There were 5 challeneges - 1) Lazertag, 2) Easter Egg Hunt, 3)Big Bang Theory Boardgame, 4) Ready Player One Quiz and the top three scorers from all that compete in the final wargame battle: Astrozombie III: Prehistoric Epilogue!

Astrozombie III: Prehistoric Epilogue - A wargame where 3 space marines fight endless velociraptors and other dinosaurs until only one survives!

Mary presented the trophy.

Tron Lightbike boardgame

 Tron rpg

 Chad played the User (everyone else was Programs), and they successfully destroyed the alien virus placed into the Grid meant to set off nukes around the world on December 21st, 2012!

 The dreaded Worm virus appears!

Update - Pictures from the Ultrazone (Lazer Tag)


brando said...

Why is Paul actually suited up though? It couldn't really be for Laser Tag, could it?

Cory said...

Yes, he definitely was suited up for Lazer tag! I just added some Lazer tag pics to the bottom of the post. Paul kept it real and dignified through 3 full games of Lazer Tag!