Saturday, February 16, 2013

ScanCon2013 Leaderboard

It has begun!  The ScanCon Tournament of Champions is officially in progress! The mailer with the hidden clues arrived at each person's home last week, and not 24 hours later did we already have four players in the running for this year's ScanCon challenge gauntlet.

Phase I Leaderboard Current Rankings (by Time):

1st: Cullen

2nd: Chad

 3rd: Hans

4th: Paul

5th: Devin (Treasure leader)

6th: Delp!

7th: Travis (ScanCon2012 Trophy Winner)

Current High Score (by Devin):

Everyone who beats the first challenge will move on into Phase II of the Tournament of Champions (being revealed to those competitors on Sunday, Feb 24th), with those getting into the final Phase battling it out for "The Bruce" at ScanCon itself!  Who will take home the trophy?  Its still anyone's game!

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