Wednesday, September 11, 2013

30 Day D&D Challenge: Day 11-Favorite Adventure You Have Ran

This one has to be the Castles Forlorn boxed set campaign set in Ravenloft, but admittedly that may only be because its the only successful campaign I've ever run to completion in Ravenloft.  I actually ran it as a 3e module and had to do a lot of stat conversions, plotline adjustments, and re-writing, but still it was oh so worth it.
This campaign had crazy stuff!  Hyper-dangerous face-eating Goblins (called "Goblyns"), Vampires, Ghosts, (including one Vampire-Ghost), wild mean Druids, a Loch Ness Monster, and Time Travel!  Yes, the campaign features a mechanic where while the players are exploring the main big-bad's castle, there's a percentage chance every time they enter a room they will travel back-and-forth through time 300 years.  This sounds messy, and it was difficult to keep track of as a DM at first, until I made three physical copies of the castle map for the various time periods and just switched between them so I could keep all my notes straight.  After that the time travel part played itself.  I even shoe-horned in a magical MacGuffin they had to find called "The Chronostone" to help justify the time travel effect (the original campaign didn't explain it as anything other than a "Ravenloft Curse").

Castles Forlorn is gotta be my favorite Adventure/Campaign I've ever run as a DM, and if you ever see it in a used book store I recommend picking it up and checking out the time travel stuff.  Anybody know of other great campaign boxed sets out there?

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