Sunday, September 8, 2013

30 Day D&D Challenge: Day 8-Favorite Character You Have Played

Oh this is an easy one.  Its Quinn!  My 8th-level Half-Elf Fighter/Undead Slayer from our High School AD&D Neverwinter/Luskan campaign(s).  He was like Indiana Jones meets Kurt Sloane from Kickboxer.  He cut the heads off vampires and slapped Wyverns out of the air with his magical throwing axe: RuneCutter.  Son of an evil Necromancer elf and Human Priestess, Quinn hunted down ghoul infestations and was on a never-ending quest to enchant his mastercrafted longsword, Ghoulslayer, into the greatest Undead-slaying weapon in the Realms!

Urg.  Just typing the history of my character I can tell people are already getting bored.  But for real, he was the shiznit.  Dex 18, +4 studded leather, he was untouchable.  I even got my brother to draw a picture of him back in like '94 and I still have it.  In fact, its framed and hanging above my computer.  Don't believe me?  Here:

Looking at it, I realize it was back when my bro was playing around with drawing Anime-style hair, well, really it was more like Voltron-style hair.  We both dislike Anime, but I say that Voltron isn't really "Anime."  Its...uh...whatever you called Japanese art style before the term Anime was coined and used to describe anything pertaining to Final Fantasy.  Look, the point is that its an old drawing from high school.  And I still have it because its my favorite D&D character ever.

So...Favorite D&D character verified!  Quinn!

I never did get that sword enchanted.  This was 2nd edition AD&D, so the rules for crafting magic weapons were ridiculous and basically up to the DM's whim. And since the whimsical Brando was my DM, the recipe for crafting the sword called for like eighteen nearly-impossible components.  One of which was it had to be doused in Blue Dragon blood, which is not easy to find...

There I go again.  Anyways, you know you've found your favorite D&D character when you won't shut up about it.

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