Thursday, October 3, 2013

GameHoleCon is one month away!

GameholeCon is an upcoming convention for gaming in Madison, WI (Nov. 1-3) that has a boatload of special guests running special events and promises to be an awesome time. They got all sorts of old-school D&D designers and writers from the wayback machine to come out for it (because as it turns out, almost all of them still live in Wisconsin or Michigan), and they plan on making it an annual blowout.  I, for one, and super-excited to attend the first annual GameholeCon.  I've already taken the day after Halloween off so I can be there bright and early for the Friday morning Seminar: The Roots of Gaming and the Original DM -- a Seminar/Q&A with Ernie Gygax.

I'm posting this now because the GameholeCon full event list is up in pdf form.  Now, that's a pretty intimidating event list to just rummage through, so let me tell you some of what I'm especially looking forward to:

The Insurmountable Gauntlet of Doom! (DM is the Dungeon Bastard)

Seminar - TSR with Gary 1980-1985 (Seminar/Q&A with Frank Mentzer)

Indiana Jones and the Mystery of Los Angeles (DM is Zeb Cook)

Seminar - Games, TSR, and Life After Planescape (Seminar/Q&A with Zeb Cook)

I mean, just look at those names.  Zeb Cook?!  Frank Mentzer?!  Ernie Gygax?!  Holy smokes!  I also know Jen Page (of Dead Gentlemen Productions fame!) is running a Call of Cthulhu game, which sounds awesome, but I couldn't play in both it and the Indiana Jones game, so I rolled a die on that one and it came up Indy.  From what I understand Jen Page will also be reading the entirety of The Hobbit in one of the seminar rooms starting at like 11pm, so maybe I can take a peek in there if I die off early in THE INSURMOUTABLE GAUNTLET OF DOOM.

Speaking of which, for your edification I will leave you with a video by the Dungeon Bastard, announcing the awesomeness that will be GameHoleCon:

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