Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Painting Heroes

Today will be a quick update on some Brimstone painting progress.

Because of ancient maths and the esoteric laws of the Multiverse, I always paint character minis in threes. On one hand painting three different minis at once is enough real estate that I can paint a color on one, move on to the second, then on to the third, and by that time the first mini is dry enough for me to add another color to it. Keeps the downtime to a minimum. On the other hand, three different minis is not so much diversity in color schemes and outfit styles that I become overwhelmed with the options and just give up and watch something like DragonFyre on Netflix.

So without further ado, I present my latest three heroes from Shadows of Brimstone: the Bandito, the Gunslinger, and the Marshall.
Were denim jeans around in the old west? I could look it up...or just assume that if they weren't then the gunslinger must have found some in an alternate dimension.

That leaves six heroes painted and just three heroes left from the Core Sets (the Saloon girl, the Rancher, and the Preacher). After they're done then I can move onto the hordes of monsters. Good times.

Keep on gaming!
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