Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sweet Terrain Finds - Buus's GM Screen

One thing I like to do during mindless internet surfing is to peruse other people's various miniature terrain building projects for sweet ideas. Sometimes I find things that are so awesome and inspiring that they demand I do my part to shout-out and bandwidth-boost them to more of the internet, because everyone's got to see this.

Here's a DM screen Copenhagen-based artist Buus built and posted on r/terrainbuilding that I absolutely had to share with everyone, because it is so incredible. And in a move of gentlemanly charity, he actually put notes into pics of various steps into an album on how he modeled it up as he went.

       Its hard to believe most of this is actually cardboard. And those faces are modeled out of greenstuff and sculpy. I would've thought they were cut up plastic molds of faces from halloween decorations or something they are so good. But nope, all original. Amazing.

 And even cooler is that it is functional as well as beautiful. Two dice towers are built into the thing. The tower on the left makes the dice roll out the front (where the two mouths with lava are) so players can see, and the tower on the right makes the dice roll behind the screen (for the DM only).

I definitely suggest you check out Buss's imgur album and Facebook page to check out his step-by-step pics, and to see more pretty close-up pics of the finished project. If seeing how this thing goes from cut up cardboard scraps to a majestic mountain of death doesn't inspire you to pick up the hot glue gun and static grass, I don't think anything would.

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