Saturday, December 13, 2014

Podcasting: Questions for Ask the Bastard!

The Vorpal Chainsword will soon be launching a new gaming-related Podcast, which we are currently in the process of generating and editing content for. But as fate would have it, we've just landed an interview for mid-next week with the Dungeon Bastard himself, Mr. Bill Cavalier!

While I will be doing the interview in just a few short days, and I want to ask him a thousand questions of my own, I've decided to spread the love and find out if any fans of the Bastard have any questions they'd like me to ask for them. Since he specializes in answering important D&D-related quandaries, this is a good opportunity to finally get a certified Dungeon Bastard answer to controversial topics, such as which polearm is best for tackling a horde of Vampire-Gibberlings, or whether Blink Dogs should be a standard playable race in D&D. Also: Anything related to Flumphs.

So let's hear 'em! Who's got a question for the Dungeon Bastard?
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