Sunday, October 18, 2015

Back to the Future RPG - Teaser pics for GameholeCon2015

After three straight weeks of painting, here's the album of most of the miniatures and time-period sets for my upcoming 5e convention game Back to the Future RPG: Outatime that I'll be running at GameholeCon2015 in a few weeks.

This isn't quite all time periods/minis to prevent plot spoilers for the players, but it is a few of the possible time-periods they could end up. My goal is to not railroad this convention game entirely, so I made extra time-periods to have ready in case the players get a little off-track. Also I have some NPCs they can meet (Deckard, Time Cop, etc.) that could become PCs if a character dies.

You can check them out below, or  check 'em out in imgur if you prefer.

1985: All playable starting PCs (male and female)



Dystopian 2015: Griff's gang

Dystopian 2015-2

Dystopian 2015-3

Dystopian 2015-4: Deckard on the lookout for Replicants

Alternate 2015: TimeCop hunting down chrono-criminals

Alternate 2015-2: Time Cop

Alternate 1985: Doc in an Asylum with BiffCo Orderlies

Alternate 1985-2

1885: Marshall Strickland's Posse


1981: Knoby's cabin and the Williams' siblings



1955: The Doctor and Companion in a bit of a pickle


65 MYA (If the PC's REALLY screw up!)

65 MYA-2

65 MYA-3

20XX: Looking for the Guzzolene.

20XX-2: Just walk away...

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