Thursday, March 17, 2016

Curse of Strahd on Fantasy Grounds

So I've just learned that Fantasy Grounds has made the whole Curse of Strahd module available and all ready-to-go! This is fantastic news.

I used to use Fantasy Grounds to run a campaign of 3.5e D&D with a bunch of far-flung buddies. I ran them through Expedition to Castle Ravenloft. Even posted a bunch of update threads on the old blog, and the screenshots I took of our games ended up on the Fantasy Grounds website (Valhallan). But for Expedition to Castle Ravenloft I had to transcribe everything by hand into Fantasy Grounds. Back then (2008) you couldn't even cut and paste from an outside document to inside, so every word, action button, clickable response, die modifier, had to be written directly into the FG program, which didn't have as smooth a typing interface as, say a Word document. It was almost a 3:1 ratio of Prep:Gameplay in those days. I would gladly pay someone else to do all that transcription for me.

Now you can just buy everything pre-packaged and ready to go? Kids these days don't know how good they have it. And I've been reading Curse of Strahd and I have to admit, its a really good remake of the original Castle Ravenloft. A lot more fleshed out, and even features [SPOILER ALERT] Rudolph Van Richten! I'll give a more indepth review of the book once I finish it, but for now I'm just excited that if I decide to play it remotely I won't have to write everything myself for Fantasy Grounds. Anything that results in more gaming and less prepping is aces in my book!

Game on!
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