Wednesday, April 27, 2016

One day left in Ravingspire

Wow, I've been so focused working on the Ravingspire Kickstarter Campaign that I've not had any time to paint, or game, or blog! But there's just 24 hours left in the Ravingspire Kickstarter and we've already hit every stretch goal except the for one, the Crashed Steampunk Airship expansion. And we may still get to it yet!

I'm very excited about how far we've come and how the latest game prototypes are looking. The backers and commenters have been generally super positive and I am blown away by how great it is to interact with so many gamers who are as excited as we are. The Kickstarter backers are going to get their game in a sweet wooden box with our artwork on it that looks and feels like a leather-bound tome, which I think is going to blow them away. People are going to be really pleased that they backed Ravingspire, I can confidently say I am proud of what we've built and how much the three of us worked on the game during nights and weekends before we even thought about doing a KS campaign.

And hey, if you haven't seen it yet, come on over and check out the campaign page on Kickstarter. There's still a little time to join us in the Tower of Madness and get in on all the deluxe stretch goals!

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