Thursday, April 14, 2016

Ravingspire Heroes - painting minis

Things are going gangbusters with the Ravingspire Kickstarter! So much so that I decided to take a quick break from editing rulebook paragraphs and Adobe layouts and paint a few Reaper Bones minis as Ravingspire characters for giggles. In the game the characters are represented by tokens, (its a deck-building game, primarily), but my love of minis doesn't allow me not to. Plus there are still so many Reaper Bones minis to paint still, you gotta find your excuses where you can!

First up we have Aurora the All-Knowing! Chronomaster skilled in the arts of confounding her opponents by manipulating the future! And like any Runelord, she can generate free Charm by equipping Relics.

Used a Reaper Bones sorceress with staff to represent Aurora. Not great lighting for a pic of a mini looking down, but I think she turned out pretty well.

Then we have Garsim Cinderheart! Master Weaponsmith and cleaver of orc-kind! Garsome's mastery of weaponcraft allows him to generate one free Fight or Skill each turn, and all weapon and armor cards cost less Charm for him to obtain (which is good, because he starts with no Charm at all!).

Good old two-weapon barbarian from Reaper. Great mini, though its hard to get those darn weapons to stay straight (yes, I did the hot water trick to straighten out that axe. It only lasted a couple days).

Here comes Quinn Apblanc, Monster Slayer! This handsome fellow is fantastic at hunting down Adversaries and Foes in the game, however his deck starts out full of single power cards so thinning out the weak cards from the strong over the course of the game is a must!

For him I used the Reaper Bones Pathfinder Alchemist mini. Leather armor, lots of potions, dagger, what's not to love? Says vampire slayer to me!

These other two characters I've previously posted pics of on this blog, but for completeness sake...

Marcus the Runelord, Wizard of the White Tower. Marcus's mastery of battle magic is unmatched, and when powered through Relics he is a force with which to be reckoned!

For him the Reaper Bones Wizard with Staff does nicely. Sweet battle pose, cool staff, all good wizardy stuff on this mini.

Finally, the flagship character of the game, The Crimson Reaver! Born into a tribe of magic-hunting mutants, the Crimson Reaver gets to draw an extra card from her battle deck every round, making her a very formidable Hero!

Here I used the Reaper Bones Pathfinder Barbarian mini. Such a great action pose, I couldn't help but want to paint this mini!

So there you have it, some minis that would work well for Ravingspire. And that's only five of the nine Hero characters. I still have four more to paint if I want to build a complete set.

Game on!
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