Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Chronomega Kickstarter Launched!

w00t! The Kickstarter for our upcoming sci-fi 2001 Space Odyssey-style board game (with just a touch of Starship Troopers), Chronomega, just launched!

 The year is 2137. The crew and equipment of the V.O.R.P.A.L. (Voyaging Outer Research Project - Advanced Launch) Time-Space Research Station, Chronomega One, have been emergency-ejected into outer space! You play one of the surviving scientists who must collect pieces of floating research tech and combine them into Electromagnetic-, Gravity-, and Time-bending tools to help bring Chronomega One back under control. You have no idea which member of the crew is responsible for the emergency protocol lock-down and crew ejection, so you can’t trust any of them! For 2-6 players.

Would you like to know more?

The game uses transparent hexagonal cards which represent floating bits of tech debris which players can collect and cobble together to create combination effects. We knew we wanted to use plastic transparent cards for the game and have gone through quite a bit of design to make them work in mutliple angles. We've been playtesting it in various formations for a while and we're really excited with the functionality that's developed.

Electromag, Grav, Chrono, and Computer are the four card suits of the game.

CATALYZER: You can enhance cards of the same suit or mix suit types for combo effects!
If we hit all the stretch goals we'll have minis, card towers, and two extra mini games in the box!

Similar to Ravingspire, the center board is a three-level rotating board.

Here's some pics of the early cards and board from playtesting. I never like to talk about what we're working on until its finished, and I wanted to keep any playtesting/prototype pics of our game offline until we had our design nailed down and launched the Kickstarter. But now I can finally share a few for fun!

Some early card prototypes.

Playtesting the FUEL minigame at GaryCon 2017.
FUEL minigame chits.
Yes I used Mars Attacks minis for playtesting. Don't judge me, I love Mars Attacks!
Darth Cibeous helping out with some playtesting.

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