Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Chronomega KS Update #2 - Hexagonal Game Box

As those of you who picked up Ravingspire know, we are proponents of a unique game box that personifies the game within. With Ravingspire we created a Wizard’s Tome-style box that we are really proud of, and feel it really exemplifies its deck-building Sword and Sorcery style.

We have been working on making something thematic to house Chronomega and I'm hoping people will like it as much as I do. Its a hexagonal box for Chronomega that mirrors the shape of the transparent tech cards that are utilized by the scientist-astronauts in the game.

Hex Box 1.png
It’ll be approximately 11.5”x13.5”x3.5” (LxWxD) and will stack easily to fit in among the other games on the shelf, but it’s hex shape and shiny silver exterior will also make it stand out from its rectangular brethren. I think its cool, at any rate! :D

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