Sunday, July 25, 2010

Planet Chamberlain

As our three acolytes descend to the planet abord the lander, they watch a local area briefing on a green monochrome monitor. The planet is at the feudal technological level, that has not yet reached blackpowder. The population is very robust and warlike, and is used as a recruting world for the Black Templar Space Marines.

Unfortunately, modern chaos forces have found the planet and have invaded it. Five months after their invasion, the Imperial Guard (444th Cartsian Division) launched a campaign to retake the planet.

The planet is now locked in a fierce war.

As the acolytes descend through layered clouds to the surface, they check their weapons and bless their gear, unsure exactly what type of situation they will drop into.

The lander slams down heavily, and the hydrolics lowering the ramp immedially start hissing; indicating the pilot is eager to disembark his passengers, and get out of a warzone.

As the 3 heroes stride down the ramp they see they are in the middle of an Imperial war camp. It's just after dawn, the local season appears to be spring, and it's foggy and about 50 degrees. The camp is rather large, with many hastily constructed hooches reinforced with flackboard and bedecked with propaganda.

There are even a considerable number of rockcrete and plasteel bunker structures, which were no doubt dropped in from orbit.

Before the acolytes can get their bearings, and old skin and bones, wisp of a man wearing Adeptus Ministorum robes hurries forward and greets them. He is flanked by a small bodyguard of Battle Priests.

I'm Old

"Welcome to Planet Chamberlain, Inquisitors. I trust you've brought a full contingent of Grey Knights. You'll need them. The Enemy's plans are already in motion."
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