Thursday, September 26, 2013

30 Day D&D Challenge: Day 26-Favorite nonmagic item

Well for this one I have to hearken back to my own characters and can't do an impartial general item post.  I have to go with good old Ghoulslayer.

[UPDATE: This post had some incorrect details which were pointed out by my DM from those days.  Mistakes were due to my spotty memory. Corrections are inserted below in italics.]

Ghoulslayer is a Masterwork Longsword my beloved Undead Slayer, Quinn, wielded from his first combat.  Back in 2e D&D days a fighter could actually purchase a Masterwork weapon with their starting gold, as long as they were willing to skimp on everything else, which I was.  Masterwork weapons gave +1 to hit but no bonus to damage, and cost like an extra 100 gold above the regular sale price. Quinn rolled just enough starting gold to afford one and bought his first Masterwork Longsword.  That incredibly expensive sword, along with a set of leather armor and a pack of Iron Rations was all he carried as he set out to become the greatest hero of the Realms.
[CORRECTION: Masterwork swords cost way the hell more than that.  Ghoulslayer was not bought at outset. They are way too expensive for a first level character to buy at creation. It was bought shortly after Quinn started from some Dwarves who needed help removing a Necromancer from their lands.  Earning the opportunity to buy a Masterwork Sword specially crafted for the user was actually a really cool reward that I had for some reason totally forgotten about.]

In Quinn's first combat of his first session ever he came upon a group of travelers (who became fellow PCs) being attacked by some ghouls (yes, we were all first level PCs being attacked by a pack of freaking ghouls, that's how our DM rolled).  Without hesitation Quinn lept through the forest into combat with one of the cunning beasts, and on his first attack roll ever he rolled a natural 20, decapitating the ghoul with one blow.  (Back in 2e days, undead weren't immune to crits).  Right then and there his sword was christened through blood into Ghoulslayer, Bane of the Undead.

[UPDATE:  As mentioned above, turns out that sword wasn't the sword that became Ghoulslayer.  But that's how I remembered it.  Probably because that would've been a cooler reason to name the sword that than "I don't like ghouls."  But he totally did decapitate a ghoul with his first combat.]

Quinn continued to use Ghoulslayer throughout his adventuring career.  Sometimes dual-wielding it with Val-Kasil, the magical Longsword of Accuracy that a fellow PC dropped when he died (Val-Kasil was later melted by acid I believe), but most of the time he fought with Ghoulslayer in one hand and a kite shield to deflect missile attacks in the other (see comment on acid melting stuff above).  Ghoulslayer was destined to become enchanted after Quinn found a mysterious but powerful magical recipe written in Ancient Runic in a White Dragon's lair [Pirate Ship's treasure hold].  He searched far and wide for the components listed in that list, but alas, the quest was never finished before Quinn, er... I, had to go off to college and the campaign petered out.  So nonmagic Ghoulslayer remains, and therefore will always be my favorite non-magical item in D&D.
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