Friday, September 27, 2013

30 Day D&D Challenge: Day 27-A character you want to play in the future

Hmmm.  A character I want to play in the future?  I guess I've always wanted to play some sort of Tinker Gnome.  You know, a little guy who wears goggles, invents stuff, Jan Jansen style (Baldur's Gate II).  Never have played a Gnome I don't think.  Not in OD&D anyway.

He'd be Gnomish Mage/Thief or something to justify his wacky inventions.  His name would be Grizzgold Scrufflebottoms.  Maybe he'd even pilot an airship, The Exuberant Turnip.  He'd travel around the Realms with his merry band of adventurers seeking out riches and collecting hummel figurines.

Here's to Gnomes!

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