Sunday, September 29, 2013

30 Day D&D Challenge: Day 29-What is the number you always seem to roll on a d20?

Well this isn't a very interesting question for me, to be honest.  The original author of the 30 Day challenge must've been running out of ideas at this point, or they must have a really good answer to this question.

The number I always seem to roll on a d20?  Its 14.  Yeah, not that exciting, huh?  But that's the case.  Now, we've all got those buddies who can't help but roll 1's whenever the chips are down.  We all know that guy.  He's got a good answer to that question and a lot of dumb stories.  Or we know the guy that is just the crit-master, rollin' 20s like its his job. We all suspect he's using loaded dice, but we don't say anything because we really needed him to finish off that beholder.

But I'm not either of those guys.  I roll 14s.

Now, I'm not saying 14 is a bad number.  No, its a pretty good number.  That combined with a not-terrible attack bonus against a standard AC is pretty much going to hit.  So I usually hit when its my turn, which I'm glad about.  Just doesn't make that interesting of a post is all.  Still, gotta love d20s.  Keep 'em rolling.

UPDATE: I've been informed that there will be a guest post for Day 30 of the 30-Day D&D Challenge here on the Vorpal Chainsword.  I haven't been told exactly who it is, but I have some guesses.  I look forward to reading it!
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