Thursday, September 5, 2013

30 Day D&D Challenge - Day 5:Your favorite set of dice/individual die

Favorite die (Day 5)

That's easy, this one:

  This sparkly little wonder is the d20 out of the first set of dice I ever bought, at age 9 or so.  Part of a set of 'sparkly' dice that at the time I thought looked like cool gems, but in retrospect are some the ugliest pieces of plastic I've ever seen.  This die has been rolled so much over the years it has basically rounded into a marble.  Still, she's cut the head off a ghoul or two when I've needed her to.  I've lost track of all of the dice from that original set except for this fabulous character, who I keep in my day-travel dice bag.  That's right, a bag of dice I carry with me everywhere I go.  You never know, right?
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