Thursday, September 5, 2013

30-Day D&D Challenge catch-up - Days 1-3

I realized since I started at Day 4 I should really try and fill the backlog of missed days.  So here you go:

 Day 1-How you got started
Age 8.  Cub scouts.  Some kid brought his dad's copy of the Holmes basic rulebook and let me read it. 'nuff said.

 Day 2-Favorite Playable Race
Gotta be Dwarves!  They're just too stoic and angry enough all the time to not be fun to play.  Plus they hate elves, which I can sympathize with (I like half-elves, but only if they're the self-loathing kind).


Day 3-Favorite Playable Class
 Wait, didn't I just tell you that it was Dwarves?  Oh, wait, we're talking fancy-schmancy Advanced D&D.  Okay then, my favorite playable class has to be Ranger.  The perfect solo adventurer or party leader.  Can sneak, can track, can fight (often with two swords at no penalty), and has perpetual 5-o'clock shadow.  The coolest of D&D heroes. 

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