Friday, September 6, 2013

30-Day D&D Challenge - Day 6: Favorite Diety

For this one I'll have to go with Lathander Morninglord of the Forgotten Realms. His Domains are: Good, Protection, Sun, Strength, Nobility, and Renewal. He's the current incarnation of the Netherese-ian (Ancient Magic Super-People of Forgotten Realms) sun god Amaunator.  He likes fertility rituals, sunlight, and hates undead. All the good stuff you want out of a diety.  Also his clerics specialize in hunting undead and are called Dawnbringers, which is a pretty sweet title if you ask me.  His symbol is a sun over a lush field.  Universal good-guy kind of symbology. (which is probably why politicians like to steal the design). 
Another reason Lathander is my preferred D&Diety is because he was one of the few good dieties worshiped by the oppressed peasants of Ravenloft. The aforementioned elf vampire Jander Sunstar resurrected the Morninglord religion in Bavaria after saving a kid who had mistaken Jander for the sun god (and who later became the first priest of the Morninglord in Ravenloft).
As far as mechanical benefits go, when you make a cleric of the Morninglord in AD&D you gain all your spells each day automatically at dawn, rather than only after praying for an hour.  That just seems like a major time-saver to me.  I prefer my religious spell-blessings to be consistent and convenient for my busy schedule, rather than dependent on whether I've breathed in enough holy smoke that morning.
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