Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Shadows Over Eternia at GameHole Con 2014

Listen up gamers of the Midwest!

Last year a new gaming convention threw its hat into the ring. Right here in Madison, Wisconsin (the best of the Madisons), back in the Year of Our Lord Two-Thousand and Thirteen (by Dale Reckoning), GameHole Con was born. And if you're familiar with my intermittently-updated blog, which I know you are, you know that this con blasted the asses off of any pants-wearing gamers who attended.

But this post isn't about how GameHole Con is most radical game convention this side of the Time of Troubles. Or how it has the freshest games, the dopest guests, or the baddest roller-derby ladies. No, this post is a teaser about the game I'm going to run at GameHole Con 2014. Not just any game, but the game you've been waiting for your whole life...


That's right! Its Shadows Over Eternia. I created an Obsidian Portal page for it right here a while back for those interested in more details.

A great darkness has swept over Eternia as of late. Whisperings of insane soothsayers elude to the return of some great evil, of dreams of a great unbinding on the horizon that will unravel all of civilization. Cults of strange alien gods recently emerged from the dark places, slaughtering and pillaging villages about Eternia at random, seemingly without fear of reprisal from Good King Randor or his mighty warrior, He-man. For their part, the attacks have overwhelmed the warriors of the palace and He-man and his friends have spent weeks attempting to squash these cults, only to find that for every depraved group of brigands they destroy, two more spring up in their place.

Now, a storm seemingly without end shakes the Palace and surrounding countryside, and far off in the distance can be seen a dark vortex of magic and thunder high in the sky, swirling with a malicious intent and coalescing over a known cursed temple of the dark powers. Finally, a place to get answers and with any luck, to stop this tirade of chaos…
Snake Mountain!

Now I know what you're thinking, "I can't wait to play as He-man battling for the fate of Eternia against Skeletor!" But that's not all! You see, this isn't a story about He-man vs. Skeletor, there are two full seasons of the excellent He-man cartoon about that.

Instead, this story has He-man and his closest buddies TEAMING UP with Skeletor and his minions to fend off the greatest threat Eternia has ever known. The threat of He Who Should Not Be Named (among other things)! That's right! You can not only call upon the Strength of He-Man, the Wisdom of Man-At-Arms, the Prowess of Teela, or the semi-helpful magics of Orko, but to win this fight against the eldritch evils of the Cthulhu mythos you'll want the help of Powerful Skeletor, Nefarious Evil-lyn, and Mighty Trapjaw! What will happen? Who will survive? I DON'T KNOW!

There will be Heroes!

There will be Anti-Heroes!

And there might just be a few special guest stars!

So come on down to GameHole Con November 7th and experience the magic of a 30-something dungeon master clumsily mashing up his two favorite genres for a table of strangers to enjoy.

Its Shadows Over Eternia: He-Man versus the Cthulhu Mythos!

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