Saturday, December 20, 2014

Hellbat break

Things are going well with the upcoming Vorpal Chainsword podcast, however the editing and page building doesn't leave as much time for painting. But sometimes you've just got to stop, take a breath, relax, and paint up some demon serpents. For your mental health. I took a break from podcast prep last night to paint up some Hellbats from the Shadows of Brimstone boardgame.

Here's some quick glamour shots of the newly-painted flying snake-things.

Everything looks a little better on Dwarven Forge Cavern tiles.
A posse comes to clear out the infestation.
I like how the Marshal and the Indian Scout look like they're just having a conversation in the back row.

Yeah, so..uh, I'm just looking to paint them to boardgame-ready level. Okay?

My goal is to paint all of the Shadows of Brimstone miniatures using only the Shadows of Brimstone paint sets. Hopefully I'll move a little faster now that I'm back in the groove. Next up: Tentacles!
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