Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Sweet Finds: The DM's Craft

I recently stumbled upon a site that definitely deserves a mention, and have been spending hours watching the associated Youtube Channel and learning new techniques. The DM's Craft is a forum/video site hosted by DM Scotty, and it covers all things crafty about D&D. DM Scotty gives tutorial videos about how to make various projects that are loaded with good tips and how-to's in a very professional-looking presentation. Its great if you're getting started crafting or, like me, want to improve your skills.

Each of his videos are filled with great tips for crafting that they're worth watching even if you aren't planning on constructing that particular project. The demon door project is one where he just nonchalantly throws out multiple techniques that are so impressive for any project. Like using hot glue to make stone surfaces or using cocktail sticks as door hinges. Just great stuff.

His recent post about making a Pit of Despair was particularly inspiring for me and I'm going to have to craft myself one, just to see if I can recreate that great descending pit effect he does at the end with paint and sponges.

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