Saturday, January 31, 2015

Chronicles of the Vorpal Chainsword begins!

When it comes to D&D, I haven't run anything other than an over-the-top one-shot games in a long time. Its just so easy to keep on prepping terrain and painting minis and never stop, as the ideas keep rolling in even as the original stuff you wanted to make for the game gets finished. So often I'll just keep building and prepping for a one-shot until something actually forces the stars to align and I finally admit its ready to run at a convention or wherever.

However, a couple of my local gamers talked me into actually starting the 5th edition campaign I've been thinking about, and against my instincts of saying: "I want to play 5th, but first let me build the village and orc keep, should only take a couple more weeks..."

Instead I said: "Sure! Come over at noon. Here's the title of the Adventure we'll be playing..."

Chronicles of the Vorpal Chainsword, Episode 1:
Carnage of the Blade Demons!

...the thing is, I don't actually have an adventure written yet (nor have I completely worked out what the 'Blade Demons' are going to be). But I believe that the first step of writing an adventure is coming up with an epic title, so I randomly put three words I thought were cool and mashed them together, which I think sounds pretty solid. Step one completed.

So now I've got three hours, the new DMG and its random dungeon-building tables, and all the terrain and minis I've built/painted over the last ten years. We'll see how it goes. In my next post I'll let you know what I rolled up using the DMG, how I interpreted those results into the adventure, and how it ended up working out.

But for now ...I'd better get rolling!

Game On!
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