Saturday, February 21, 2015

Dead of Winter on TableTop!

While I love the Geek and Sundry show TableTop (on Youtube), its rare that one of the episodes features a boardgame that both:

1) I haven't yet played
2) I really want to learn how to play.

In this case they play a relatively new boardgame that I actually own, but haven't put in the effort to be able to both learn the rules and explain them to others. That's the slow step in my boardgaming nowadays, having enough excitement about a game to be able to teach the rules to others. I mean, once everyone knows how to play Shadows of Brimstone, then that's a guaranteed good time so you might as well play that, right?

Well, last GenCon I got a badge to get into the Dealer Hall an hour early thanks to my homey Chad Delp, and went into a rabid buying frenzy. There I picked up the game Dead of Winter, because the reddits said it was so great and I was in a serious buying furvor. However, I also picked up about six other games (including the aforementioned Shadows of Brimstone), so even though I cracked Dead of Winter open and perused the rules and components, I never really put in the time to learn the game well enough to suggest it to my friends. Fortunately for me, this week's episode of Tabletop features Dead of Winter, and does a pretty good job explaining the basics of the rules, so now the game is a real option for game night for peeps that've watched the episode!

So thank you, Wil Wheaton, for continuing to make TableTop an awesome show and helping diversify my gaming, despite my laziness.

Game on!
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