Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead - Netflix Movie Reviews

So I recently saw that Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead was available on Netflix. For this movie I knew I needed assistance to get through it, as the original Dead Snow was, while an interesting idea, not that good at all (kind of like Iron Sky). So I invited a couple of buds over and we fired up Dead Snow 2.

Was it any good? ...No.

So was it worth watching? ...Yes!

See what fun we're having?

Dead Snow 1 was about a group of plucky teens in Norway who stumble across some hidden Nazi Gold in the mountains, which reanimates a platoon of Nazi zombies frozen in the ice because of ...curses? I guess? Whatever. Anyway, the second Dead Snow starts right after the first ends, with the main dude from the first movie (who had to chainsaw his own arm off to avoid infection) speeding away from the Nazi Zombies, but not before ripping the arm off of the Nazi Zombie Leader.

He crashes his car down the road and is taken to a hospital, where the well-meaning doctors attach the Nazi Zombie Leader's arm to the hero's arm-stump (thinking it was his arm that got severed in the crash). Separately, the Zombies attach the hero's arm (previously severed in Dead Snow 1) onto their Leader to replace his lost arm.

The Zombie arm of course has a mind of its own when the Hero first wakes up and the guy accidentally kills like five people, including the doctor and a little kid. So for a good long while the Hero is just running around accidentally-but-gruesomely killing people with his Zombie arm, until he gets a handle on it.
I should point out at this point that this movie is hilariously gory, and does not pull punches with what it does and does not show. In fact, it specifically likes to target characters who are normally immune to on-screen deaths (i.e kids, puppies, old ladies, etc.) for over-the-top mutilation scenes such that it would kind of be offensive (even to an soul-less monster like me) if it wasn't so ridiculous.  Mostly the first hour of this movie is non-stop gore-fest.

I'm not going to recap the whole movie, but to just give you some highlights on the plot:

  • The Zombie Leader attaches the Hero's severed arm to his own, which somehow allows him to raise new Nazi zombies.
  • The Hero, with the Zombie Leader's arm attached, finds out he can raise 'good' zombies, and raises an entire lost legion of Russian soldiers from the dead to fight the Nazi zombies.
  • An actor from Freaks and Geeks, plays a pretty convincing member of the Zombie Squad who comes to Norway to help out with the invasion.
  • A couple of babies in baby carriages get blasted to smithereens by a Nazi Tank, and a few toddlers in a sandbox get slowly run over by the same tank.

As you can see, lots of good promise in this film. It really hams up the gore-fest too, with silly sound effects and buckets of blood every time someone gets their head bashed open with a hammer (a lot of hammer deaths in this movie for some reason). Also, they do at least five "pulling-intestines-out-of-human-torsos-like-magician's-hankerchiefs" gags, which at first was funny, then gets kind of stale after a while, but then after about an hour of it became funny again.

I'm not going to recommend you watch this movie. But I will suggest that you get some buds over and watch it together. Because the level of silly gore in this movie is something that really should be experienced only when surrounded by a group of friends of low moral standing. Plus the dual-Zombie-Summoners plot line is actually pretty original and worth checking out, for a zombie movie, so its got that going for it at least.

I give Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead Six coils of human intestine out of Ten!

(Still way better than Iron Sky.)

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