Wednesday, April 1, 2015

GameHole Con 2015 Event Submission Now Open!

I don't know if I stress this enough, but GameHole Con in Madison is a Con that you want to attend. There are a lot of good reasons, and one of them is I run my games there, and event submission just opened today!

This year I'll be running a new 1980's-nostalgic Time-Travel Adventure I've cooked up. We played it at ScanCon 2015 and it was a blast, so with time to polish it up even more before GameHole Con in November its going to knock some socks off.

Here's what I just submitted:

Event Name: Back to the Future RPG: OUTATIME!
Ruleset: D&D 5e
#Players: 5
Duration: 6 hours (with lunch/bathroom breaks)

Monday, October 28th, 1985 
After returning from the Old West, and with the time-traveling Delorean safely destroyed by a train, Marty McFly is finally waking up after some much-needed rest in his bedroom...

*Whiz! Bang! Flash!* 

Another Delorean just appeared in the driveway! Rushing outside, Marty discovers that the Delorean is empty, without anyone inside. "Oh no!" Marty realizes, "Doc must be in trouble!"
A cross-genre Time-Traveling RPG Adventure using the 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons Ruleset. Pregenerated characters will be provided, and a nostalgic love for 1980s-1990's time-traveling movies and TV shows is recommended.

So if 1980's-style cheesball time-travel is your thing, I recommend you give this event a look-see. I guarantee you will not expect what's coming next.

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