Thursday, April 16, 2015

Kung Fury music video!

Sometimes you really get burned on a Kickstarter. Either the video game never materializes beyond a garbage "Early Access" release and then the developer disappears, or the promised publishing of a new edition of an old-school RPG gets to be almost two years overdue from when it was promised (August 2013, if you're wondering). Those situations make one question the validity of supporting Kickstarters, and are a good lesson in taking a step back from a Kickstarter project before donating, and re-evaluating whether you really believe the people will do the things they promise they will do if they get the funding they ask for on Kickstarter.

But then there are times when you support a Kickstarter and the creators not only bring their best game, they blow it up and send it into the stratosphere! Such is the case with the Kung Fury Kickstarter (by Laser Unicorns). An upcoming indie film about a 1980's Renegade Cop (and Karate Master) who hacks his way through time in an effort to kill Hitler (available on Youtube May 28th!).

Today Kung Fury released a music video they made for the movie soundtrack (yes we even get a soundtrack, chock-full of 80's synth!). And they not only made a video, they got the one, the only, 80's legend David Hasselhoff to write a song for them! So without further ado, I present to you -

Kung Fury - True Survivor
David Hasselhoff

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