Saturday, April 11, 2015

TableTopDay 2015 - Fireball Island!

So today (11Apr2015) is International TableTop Day! For this year's festivities, The good Dr. Mrs. Chainsword and I met some friends from the game group down at the Friendly Local Gaming Store, I'm Board! (of Madison, WI). And we brought along the epically Kinetic and nostalgia-inducing boardgame of fast 3-D action:

by Milton Bradley

The first game I won handily, which I attribute to my natural explorer's physique and extensive knowledge of the flora and fauna of forgotten mystical jungle islands. Also, my strongly-held belief that the Blue Explorer is the most skilled Explorer.

The Good Dr. Mrs. Chainsword was none too pleased with my early triumph.
She does not lose often, so I savored the victory. Loudly.
After that first game though, the rest of the day didn't go as well for ol' Blue.
Almost there...
I was trounced. Trounced I say! Trounced Repeatedly. Maybe the better term is flambeed, or flash-fried? In any case, I only won that first game out of the 6 we all played. And to add insult to injury, the Dr. Mrs. Chainsword won a whopping 3 of the 6 games. It was a sad time for Captain Reginald Bluestrom.

Chris savoring his victories with the Red Explorer.
The Pink Explorer about to get hers.
The dreaded Idol of Vul-Kar glared down upon us.
The Bridges of Death always live up to their name.
 Finally, here's a little video of my guy getting super-smashed by Vul-Kar's fiery wrath.

Regardless of my smoldering failures, any day that you game is a good day, because the opposite of Gaming is Working. So Hooray for Gaming!

Happy TableTop Day everyone!

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