Thursday, June 18, 2015

Kingdom Builder

I always like it when a new Tabletop episode comes out and is about a game I can wholeheartedly recommend. Kingdom Builder is one of those games. Its not flashy or complex like Arkham horror, but its a refined boardgame that one can play with regular muggles. Its a game that is simple enough to introduce to family members, but interestingly nuanced enough to engage even the most ardent fan of Axis and Allies.

However, they kind of mucked up the rules a little on this episode, so don't go into this episode thinking its going to explain the rules perfectly well. Its not, and Wheaton even says so. But it does show the simplicity of the game, and how much fun it is (and really, how quick it plays). Plus, screwing up the rules with your friends is one of the primary benefits of inviting people over to game!

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