Saturday, July 25, 2015

Between the 'Cons

Holy crap have things been busy. I think the end of June (Nexus Game Fair / SD Comic-Con) through early-August (GenCon) is always the busiest time for any productive Gamer. Too many Cons, too little time. Running games, prepping games, practicing games before the Con... it never ends! Its a non-stop thrill-ride of adventure (and exhaustion)!

So this is my post to say that "Yes, I'm still alive and gaming!" And yes, I will finish those things I've talked about, like that painting guide, the He-Man campaign guide, the deck-building games tutorial, the famous nerd podcasts, and more bad netflix movie reviews I've been working on, but its going to still be slow around here on the blog itself until after GenCon. So please don't lose heart in the VC Blog quite yet! Just check back here in a couple weeks. We have a number of monsters we need to slay before we can write about it.

Game on!
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