Thursday, July 9, 2015

Deck Building 2: Shadowrunning

Holy crap you guys, Deck-Building games CAN be fun!

As suggested we might do in the last post, our game group got together this week and cracked open that Shadowrun: Crossfire game I had bought at GenCon last year but never played. After handing the instructions over to poor SirLeo27 (our resident rules-rememberer) and demanding he teach us the game immediately, we decided to also crack open some beers and seek out a tutorial video on how the game is played. BoardGameGeek is a good website for such boardgame tutorials, though for some reason half of them are always in French. I guess the French like reviewing board games for some reason. Sacre' Bleu! Anyway, we found a tutorial vid by "Not Bored" that did the job well enough and got to playing Shadowrun: Crossdressers.

And against all odds, Shadowrun:CrossWorldz was a lot of fun and not too hard to learn. Too many rules to explain in a blogpost for sure, but well worth the half-drunk effort we put into learning the rules before playing. In a nutshell you always start with a simple starter deck and then "buy" black market cards as you defeat enemies and earn money, so you don't have to learn what every card does before you play. Since there's only 6 black market cards out for purchase at a time, you can scan them over and buy the best one at that moment. No need for an excel database of power-ups and combos for this game. You get what is drawn, and that's it. As I have a penchant for cyberpunk, I loved it and didn't even mind all the Elves that Shadowrun spreads all over the otherwise awesome dystopian future setting. Mostly because it made up for it with endless cards featuring Katanas and Trenchcoats.

Shadowrun: Crossfire, recommended for those who want to stick it to the Corpers and their chipped-out choobs!

Game on, Chummer!
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