Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Youtube Channels worth checking out - Beyond Science

Even though I have a ton of school-learnin in the hard sciences, I'm still a sucker for all those conspiracy and "Ancient Mystery"-style documentaries. You know, Egyptian Pyramid powerplants, Atlantis, Oak Island hidden treasure, Hitler escaping to Argentina conspiracies, Underground Hidden Military UFO bases, Aliens building Stonehenge stuff, and so on. Basically any and all of those terrible reality-style History Channel shows of late. Makes for particularly great brain food for Call of Cthulhu adventures!

Yup, I agree that's definitely an Elder Thing on that Mesopotamian cylinder seal.

But sometimes you don't have time for a full episode of 'Missing in Alaska' or 'Ancient Aliens,' and you go onto Youtube to find something else to whet the pseudoscience wonderment palette about aliens or bigfoot. But Youtube is a minefield if you aren't looking for things that are just a little so far out there that you can't even suspend disbelief long enough to enjoy it (e.g. the "I psychically talk to Pletians from Sirius, and they confirm our president is a Muslim Reptilian!" stuff).

Well, there's a Youtube channel hosted by Mike Chen called "Beyond Science" I recently discovered, and I'm really enjoying it. In his videos, Mike matter-of-factually presents weird and interesting phenomena from around the world, in entertaining 10-minute videos. His videos are well-edited, move quickly from one topic to the next, and he's an engaging speaker who doesn't waste your time with needless exposition. Its good stuff if you want to take a short break from thinking about those daily TPS reports and want to ponder ancient underwater cities for a few minutes.

Beyond Science: one of the few 'mysterious phenomenon' indy channels on Youtube I actually recommend checking out!

If anyone has come across any similar Youtube channels they want to share, throw it in the comments. I'd love to check it out!
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