Sunday, February 14, 2016

Countdown to Curse of Strahd - The Forgotten Terror

Ravenloft – The Forgotten Terror - 1997.

A very cool premise where the heroes have to try and escape from a cursed dagger of life-trapping, after having been stabbed by it in their sleep by a super-assassin, or other DM-railroading reason. One of the strangest maps published for Ravenloft (barring the Nightmare Lands), it still is surprisingly use-able. The Forgotten Terror was meant to be used as a sequel to the Forgotten Realms adventure, Castle Spulzeer, as a cool way to introduce your FR players into Ravenloft without over-using the Mists.

Meant to be used a sequel to the Forgotten Realms adventure: Castle Spulzeer.

One of the strangest maps in Ravenloft, players had to navigate their way around facets of a gem in the pommel of a cursed dagger.
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