Monday, February 15, 2016

Countdown to Curse of Strahd - Night of the Walking Dead

Countdown to Curse of Strahd - Night of the Walking Dead - 1992
My well-worn copy of the only first level Ravenloft Adventure.

These penciled-in notes go all the way back to my adventuring days in middle school.

Hi first level adventurers! Now make a Save vs Poison or have a 1/6 chance to become an insta-zombie!
Probably my most-run Ravenloft adventure, simply because it was one of the few 1st level adventures written for Ravenloft. I’ve taken at least four completely different player groups through the Swamps of Souragne and into the Crypt of Marcel D’Tarascon. A fun adventure with a New Orleans Voodoo zombie vibe, this first-level adventure was still punishingly hard for new players, thanks to the dreaded Zombie Lord Stench. It could kill anyone within 30′ and make them lose Constitution permanently, or even turn them into a zombie with a failed save vs. poison (and the first-level players are forced to encounter the attack and make saves for at least twice in the adventure)!

Super duper Ravenloft fun. Love it.
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